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One of my long time favourite assessment tools is Microsoft Forms. Below is a link to a sample for I created for students to submit their prospective business ideas. There are 19 various types of questions that students must answer. As soon as an answer has been submitted I can view the responses in a spreadsheet. This allows students to easily submit their work, it also allows me to organize and print their responses so their colleagues can see and analyze them as well.


Here is a comprehensive video if you are interested or curious about using Microsoft Forms. In my experience they are very similar to Google Forms, as far as format and structure.

I chose Microsoft Forms for this student response assessment as it allows them to easily and fully submit all of the information I require for our initial business idea evaluation. I don’t find this tool very challenging to use, although I do feel like there is a lot of back and forth. Every time I go to make a change or view a response it opens a new tab. That gets a bit confusing, but I have never had a major issue. In my experience students enjoy this as it has all of the required components of the assessment, so nothing is overlooked for their part.

Pros: easy to set-up & use, by making the questions required you ensure students responses and once saved you always have access to past ones you created.

Cons: responses are displayed in Microsoft Excel format, so if you are not familar with that you could have an issue. Like I said previously, it opens a new tab every time a change is made so that gets a bit confusing.

Although I have used it mostly for formative assessment, it could really be used for either. There is even an option to create a  Quiz as opposed to a Form.  This response details that although they have the same capabilities with a Quiz you can: provide scores, answers, and add in equations in addition to providing feedback. Therefore, it could easily be used for formative or summative assessment. Below is an image of the question options used for both the Form and Quiz.


My questions:

  • Have you ever used a Form (Microsoft or Google)? If so, for what purpose?
  • Do you see any concerns with having a summative assessment being accessible online?

Thanks for reading! 



2 thoughts on “Microsoft Forms”

  1. I have definitely drank the Kool-aid on Office 365 features, including Forms…

    While I do not collect a lot of assessment data, I like the flexibility that MS Forms (and Google Forms, for that matter) have in collecting data. Apart from written feedback stemming from meeting questions, I also use Forms to take inventories of roaming resource kits that fall under my work (think Science Resource Kits, etc.). Works quite well (plus, you can set it up to send automatic responses for some forms, so I get reminded to go and look at the results when data is submitted).

    I know there are many other features to Forms and Quizzes (using Likert, date selections, etc.), but I have found the strength of the app in the simple responses that can be collected.


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