My Understanding of Ed Tech

If I had to summarize my understanding of educational technology, I would have to say that ed tech is both the teaching and learning with technology. Ed tech has allowed us better methods of displaying content and demonstrations through: overheads, digital projectors, smart boards, and mimios among many others. Those were just the ones that I have used in my teaching. Ed tech has also allowed teachers, students and parents better methods of communication through our Home Logic (online grades and assignment manager), class sites, blogs, and even email.

This makes me wonder if students are better learners simply because:

  • Teachers show them how to do the work in a different way.
  • Parents can see their grades and attendance as soon as it is entered.
  • Students can access the assignments and submit their work anytime, anywhere.

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I would like to think that although these would be considered ‘modern’ examples of ed tech, they are becoming outdated. As educators we need to move beyond simply using technology as a fancy form of teaching, and as a better way to communicate and moving assignments to students utilizing it and become literate with it.  The article Being addicted to technology is not the same as being literate in it describes technological literacy as “literacy that requires an awareness of how the social network operates”. This leads me to my definition of ed tech

Educational technology is…

  • Various methods of teachers demonstrating skills or tasks.
  • Ease of communication, assignments and information outside, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Students learning and be given opportunities to use technology for personal and professional uses.
  • Teachers helping students to critically think and examine what they see and hear online.

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My questions:

  • How do you teach students to use tech, while teaching them to be responsible with it?
  • What is the oldest piece of tech you have used in your teaching career? What is the newest?
  • Are you scared of using tech, or do you dive in and embrace the chaos that sometimes ensues?

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2 thoughts on “My Understanding of Ed Tech”

  1. In response to your question “How do you teach students to use tech, while teaching them to be responsible with it?” I think a great place to start is by teaching Digital Citizenship and Digital Footprint. It is so important that students understand what it means to be a good digital citizen. Similar to how we discuss and teach children to be kind in school, at recess and in life it is also important that we teach students how to be kind online and what that means. Along with that students really need to understand what their Digital Footprint is and how that is a permanent trail of their online identity. Students need to understand how permanent the online world is and how choices today they make online can greatly impact their future lives.


  2. Hi Amy!

    In response to your question on whether I dive into new tech or if I am scared of it, I would say that it’s a mix of both. I will embrace it if it’s not far from my scope but, the second I feel like it’s too unfamiliar, that I will be a little bit more fearful. I also feel like if I have the proper PD options around the new technology being introduced, I will embrace it more willingly!


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