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Since my last post on my major project for this semester: I am still enthusiastic, have had lots of “rough draft” ideas, and have compiled a little bit more of a concrete plan. I really just need to sit down and organize my ideas and make a to-do list of tasks and assignments for students to complete throughout the unit. I basically need to just sit down and do it.

I have made one major decision, I have decided that I will create a Sway for students to access materials and work their way through the unit.

I have used Sway in the past think it will work well for this project for this project because:

  • It’s posted online so it’s easily accessible for students.
  • I can update or amend portions, and it will automatically update online.
  • Both students and I have access to the program through our school Office 365 accounts.
  • It’s easy to use and I can insert various types of media.
  • Students will be able to work at their own pace through the unit.


The few major items that I can think of right now that I need to complete are:

  • Find an online Digital Citizenship quiz, or create one. Just as an introduction to provide them some insight or feedback into their online dealings.
  • Create a Flipgrid as a discussion space for some of the activities.
  • Organize an assignment for students to create a Public Service Announcement for their peers regarding how they behave online.
  • Once I am done the above I need to finalize/ organize each of the “days” in the unit.
  • Create an introduction.
  • Convert my current word document into a Sway, which is really easy!


Again, I basically just need to sit down and do it! At this point I feel like making lists and thinking about it all is taking more effort than it would take to actually complete the work – does that make sense?

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3 thoughts on “ELA 9A Citizens”

  1. Sway seems like a neat program I haven’t heard of it before. I love your gif at the end it is very true especially for this class. Good luck.


  2. Sway is a neat new platform – I’m attempting to learn it myself . And I’m like you – there’s nothing to it but to do it! I need to get cracking as well.

    I think your project sounds like a lot of fun for the students. I hope you will share how it goes!

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  3. Hi Amy. I think you have a great plan here, but I know what you mean – sometimes it takes a bit to jump from planning to executing! I am just dabbling in Sway myself. I like it although I have not done a very deep dive into it. Good luck!

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